2019 WNBA Finals Preview
The 2019 WNBA Finals between the Washington Mystics and the Connecticut Sun begin on Sunday.  The...

Which players have a highly consistent performance game to game (using their BPM)?

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Wondering which Bigs defend Point Guards with a highest percentage of their time?

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1. Allen
2. Powell
3. Kleber
4. Barnes
5. Capela
6. Theis
7. Gobert
8. Chriss
9. Adebayo
10. Harrell

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Fultz’s rim finishing rates in the 86th percentile (A- grade) in our metric that accounts for lineup spacing, rim rate unassisted, and physical tools.

His 11% Drive Assist rate rated in the 73rd percentile (B grade).

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Jackson Frank@jackfrank_jjf

Markelle Fultz's herky-jerky driving and unorthodox finishing were a joy to watch this year.

He shot 62% at the rim (65th percentile) and was consistently able to get into the lane despite his shooting limitations:

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