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Get a Little Crazy With It

Want to search the top players in Passing Lane Defense among Guards that have played 500+ minutes on the season in the Primary Ball Handler offensive archetype that are also at least average defenders (via 538’s D-RAPTOR)?

Sure, why not. It only takes a couple seconds with our Leaderboards tool. We could even add 2nd and 3rd filters based on metrics and even filter by teams in just seconds.


Filter Any Way You Want

  • Minutes: Total Minutes, Minutes per Game, % of Team’s Minute
  • Position: PG, SG, SF, PF, C
  • Advanced Position: Guards, Wings, Bigs
  • Offensive Archetypes: read more about them here
  • Defensive Archetypes: read more about them here

Our Leaderboards Tool Allows You to Also Filter By:

Gravity Application

See Who Demands Attention From Defenders

3D charts let you pick any NBA, WNBA, or NCAA player and see where on the court their efficiency and volume generate estimated gravity on the defense.

Career Gravity Graphs

Track year over year growth/decline in Rim, Midrange, and 3PT Gravity.

The Data You Need, All in One Place

Close your 12 tabs and 3 subscriptions; we have you covered

Our 2013-21 Player Profiles include 250+ data points per player, organized in 25 sections to make analyzing a player easier than ever before. With data updated daily in 2020-21 profiles, let us be your all-in-one data solution for the NBA.


Contextualized Data

Don’t remember what a good Assist to Turnover Ratio is? That’s fine! Use our percentiles and letter grades to make analysis easy.

NBA 2K Style Talent Badges

Dozens of Talent Badges, with allocations recalculated daily.

Some examples of badges:

  • Intimidator – players who deter shots from being taken at the rim
  • Nuclear Upside – players with a demonstrated ability to take over games
  • Microwave – players who generate quick offense off the bench

Transparent Badge Calculations

  • Know exactly how badges are calculated

Searchable Badge Database

  • Find players by badge
  • Pull up badges by player
  • Compare badge counts by team

Player Talent Data

Enter a New Era of Player Evaluation

  • Terms you know: no more acronyms. Let’s talk ball.
  • Context neutralizing calculations to better evaluate performance
  • Developed to mirror NBA analytics department equivalents

2018-19 Jeff Green example:

Interactive Talent Grade Tools

  • Player Comparison Tool
  • Team Dashboards
  • Player Career Finder
  • Player Search Tool
  • Career Talent Projections

Do We Sound Familiar? You May Have Seen or Heard About Our Data:

- At your favorite basketball websites and blogs
- On team broadcasts and ESPN
- On your favorite NBA podcasts

Here are some examples that have used our data:

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The NBA's most versatile defenders so far this season, based on % of time guarding PGs, SGs, SFs, PFs, and Cs:

1. Jae'Sean Tate
2. James Harden
3. Ben Simmons
4. Jeff Green
5. OG Anunoby


Here's a look at the impact landscape for the Portland Trail Blazers this season.

Dame and CJ have been very impressive offensively, but both with negative defensive impact.

LEBRON Database: https://www.bball-index.com/lebron-database/

Create your own graphics: https://www.bball-index.com/lebron-data-viz/

Chris Paul is yet again an All-Star. Here are some data points from his Player Profile that highlight his great play so far this season.

See data for your favorite player at http://BBall-Index.com.


Nikola Vucevic is an All-Star!

Here are a few screenshots from his Player Profile, which has over 250 stats, contextualized, on his 2020-21 season.

See this data for any NBA player from 2013-21 at http://BBall-Index.com.


There's a new leader in Matchup Difficulty!

Lu Dort has taken on the hardest matchups of any NBA player this season, followed by Mikal Bridges and Gary Harris.

See the data for all NBA players here:

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