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Welcome to BBall Index
Welcome to BBall Index! We’ve worked hard over the better half of a...
CranjisLos Angeles Lakers
The Lakers and Hiring Key Roles
I spoke with an HR executive yesterday who shared with me and a couple others that...

Part 2 on the West coming tomorrow. Bookmark this link to keep up with all things WNBA @The_BBall_Index:

The WNBA season is nearly upon us! @ben_dull gets us ready with what to watch for in the Eastern Conference:

2018-19 Playoff Wins Added and Player Impact Plus-Minus leaderboards and anti-leaderboards (Updated through games on 5/21/19):

@The_BBall_Index Dallas becomes an even more interesting situation to follow as they finalize their roster after acquiring 3 players the day of the Cambage deal. Could impact 1 or both of their 2nd round picks on top of the question of whether MoJeff will play this season

Predicted depth charts on the @The_BBall_Index FA tracker have been updated for all the cuts announced this week. Something looks very different about the Aces lineup. Can't quite put my finger on it.... #WNBA

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