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Welcome to BBall Index
Welcome to BBall Index! We’ve worked hard over the better half of a...
CranjisLos Angeles Lakers
Breaking Down Frank Vogel
The Lakers have a new head coach. It’s hard to be enthusiastic with a choice that...
CranjisLos Angeles Lakers
The Lakers’ Coaching Search
Notes on Ty Lue, Frank Vogel, 30 other head coaching options, and a couple assistant coach...
Denver NuggetsPortland Trail Blazers
Blazers-Nuggets game 2: Bowling show ugly
Legendary pro wrestling announcer Jim Ross would have called Monday night’s Blazers/Nuggets game two “bowling show...

Gravity chart for new #Jazz player Bojan Bogdanovic. Bojan ranked above the 93rd percentile in total 3-point gravity last season.

However, the odds of a posiitve ROI for the Bogdanovic contract? 0.04%.

4 years, $73 million seems like a LOT of money for Bogdanovic.


It was a busy off-season for the #Pacers, adding Malcolm Brogdon, @TonyWarrenJr and @jlamb.

A number to consider with Warren: 100.

Warren was in the 100th percentile in one-on-one play last season, while (dramatically) improving to the 93rd percentile of perimeter shooting.

Last season AD was in the 88th percentile in Playmaking amongst "Versatile Bigs" per: @The_BBall_Index talent grades. A big jump from a season prior where he was only in the 47th percentile. He has flashed impressive passing chops during the preseason as well, including this dime

More on the #76ers, the last "Big" to match @JoelEmbiid's mark of a +6.62 PIPM was Draymond Green in '15-'16. Before that? Dwight Howard all the way back to his time with the Magic in '10-'11.

Embiid had a special season in '18-'19.

For all PIPM numbers:

The #76ers will be relying upon some new faces to help make up for the loss of Jimmy Butler.

Here are the player grades for @J_Rich1 and @Al_Horford among their respective positional groups.

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