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Welcome to BBall Index
Welcome to BBall Index! We’ve worked hard over the better half of a...
CranjisLos Angeles Lakers
Go Get Jeff Green, Lakers
Yes, Jeff Green (and a couple bonus guys). First things first: If you’re thinking “these players...

Also, if you missed it the first time, Cranjis makes one hell of a case for the Lakers to sign...Jeff Green? This is worth your time:

A ton was covered in this q&a, which included potential coaches, free agent tiers and more:

So yeah, @T1m_NBA is on a tear right now for @The_BBall_Index. I highly recommend Lakers’ fans who are frustrated at the team’s process, or lack thereof, to go through this thread and read this piece in particular:

The Lakers and Hiring Key Roles (by @T1m_NBA):

The Lakers and Hiring Key Roles (by @T1m_NBA):

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