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Welcome to BBall Index
Welcome to BBall Index! We’ve worked hard over the better half of a...
2019 WNBA Finals Preview
The 2019 WNBA Finals between the Washington Mystics and the Connecticut Sun begin on Sunday.  The...

Pacific Division Team PIPM Breakdown: Phoenix Suns

Team Leaders:
Ricky Rubio +3.0
Devin Booker +0.99
Mikal Bridges +0.97
Kelly Oubre +0.87

up next, the Kings!
PIPM explanation:

Khris Middleton may be one of the most underrated players in the league. He does not have a single talent grade among wings below a C+.

82nd %ile - Perimeter Shooting
93rd %ile - Playmaking
88th %ile - Post Play

@Khris22m is an all-around excellent player.

Pacific Division Team PIPM Breakdown: Los Angeles Lakers

Team Leaders:
LeBron James +6.38
Anthony Davis +4.69
Javale McGee +2.96
Danny Green +2.24

up next, the Suns!
PIPM explanation:

Pacific Division Team PIPM Breakdown: Los Angeles Clippers

Team Leaders:
Kawhi Leonard +6.08
Patrick Beverley +2.52
Paul George +2.2

up next, the Lakers!
PIPM explanation:

Of the Mavericks 5-man lineups WITHOUT Dwight Powell, here are the best in terms of NET Rating...

Porzingis, Luka Doncic, and Maxi Kleber seem to be staples in the lineup, but after that, there is a lot of unknown.

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