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Welcome to BBall Index! We’ve worked hard over the better half of a...
2019 WNBA Finals Preview
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Atlantic Division Team PIPM Breakdown: Toronto Raptors

Team Leaders:
Pascal Siakam +3.22
Marc Gasol +2.63
Kyle Lowry +2.11

PIPM explanation:

Atlantic Division Team PIPM Breakdown: Philadelphia 76ers

Team Leaders:
Joel Embiid +3.5
Ben Simmons +1.94
Tobias Harris +1.82
Al Horford +1.28

up next, the Raptors!
PIPM explanation:

The Bucks have already clinched a playoff spot following their win last night.

Min. 700 MP:

-9 of 11 players have a positive PIPM
-6 players have a D-PIPM above +1.00
-Expected record of 45.4-10.6, actual record of 48-8

Everything is going well for the Bucks right now.

Atlantic Division Team PIPM Breakdown: New York Knicks

Team Leaders:
Mitchell Robinson +1.3
Elfrid Payton +0.64
Julius Randle +0.33

up next, the Sixers!
PIPM explanation:

Bradley Beal put up a career high 53 points last night in a loss to the Bulls.

His talent grades among guards:

97th %ile - 1 on 1
93rd %ile - Finishing
83rd %ile - Playmaking
93rd %ile - Post Play

Beal has an elite offensive profile, but is dragged down a bit by his defense.

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