Taylor Wyman’s 2024 Mid-Season Player Rankings

I’m doing things a little bit different this time. I’ve tiered every above-average player in the league, the tiers go from A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, and C+. On top of that, I’ve ranked the top 48 players in order. The reason I stopped there was because in the lower tiers things are more fluid and a hot or cold month could move a player 20 spots pretty easily. Players in the A and B tiers are considered championship pieces right now while the C+ tier contains solid contributors. 148 players made the list. 

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  • All Shooting Talents take into account shot making, quality, and creation
  • Stable stats are padded with a calculated number of league average attempts for higher predictiveness
  • PPP stands for points per possession
  • LEBRON is our overall impact metric, it can be broken down into Offensive and Defensive LEBRON (O-LEBRON/D-LEBRON)


A+ Tier


  1. Nikola Jokic – A+ Tier 

Have you ever wondered what Mozart was like in his prime?

  • 99% Playmaking Talent
  • 99% Stable Isolation PPP
  • 95% Finishing Talent


2. Luka Doncic – A+ Tier 

His ability to control and dictate possessions is at Hokage levels.

  • 99% Playmaking Talent
  • 99% O-LEBRON
  • 99% 3PT Shooting Talent


3. Joel Embiid – A+ Tier 

This generation’s best scoring center.

  • 99% Rim Points Saved/75
  • 98% Stable Post Up PPP
  • 97% Stable Isolation PPP


4. Giannis Antetokounmpo – A+ Tier 

He’s in the midst of an all-time multi-year scoring peak.

  • 99% Rim Shot Creation
  • 99% Rim Shot Making
  • 99% O-LEBRON


5. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – A+ Tier 

An ultra-polished scorer that can break down defenses at will.

  • 99% Finishing Talent
  • 99% O-LEBRON
  • 87% D-LEBRON


A Tier


6. Stephen Curry – A Tier 

His gravity still rivals the climax of Interstellar.

  • 98% 3PT Shooting Talent
  • 96% Movement Points/75
  • 97% Playmaking Talent


7. Anthony Davis – A Tier 

When the lights are the brightest his defense is historic.

  • 93% O-LEBRON
  • 97% D-LEBRON
  • 98% Rim Points Saved/75


8. Kawhi Leonard – A Tier 

When healthy, he’s elite, and he’s healthy.

  • 97% Midrange Talent 
  • 94% 3PT Shooting Talent
  • 99% Playmaking Talent 


9. Damian Lillard – A Tier 

His offensive impact is capable of moving mountains.

  • 98% Stable PnR Ball Handler PPP
  • 99% O-LEBRON
  • 93% 3PT Shooting Talent


10. LeBron James – A Tier 

LeBron is declining, he’s just doing it very very slowly.

  • 99% Finishing Talent 
  • 98% Transition Shooting Talent 
  • 99% Playmaking Talent 


11. Kevin Durant – A Tier 

The scoring is still elite but he doesn’t have the same overall impact since the achilles tear.

  • 99% Midrange Talent 
  • 97% O-LEBRON
  • 94% Playmaking Talent 


12. Jimmy Butler – A Tier 

If you haven’t bought into the future HOF’er yet nothing I put here is going to change your mind.

  • 91% Half Court Shooting Talent
  • 95% O-LEBRON
  • 99% Stable Transition PPP


13. Tyrese Haliburton – A Tier 

He’s approaching wizard levels on offense.

  • 99% 3PT Shooting Talent
  • 99% O-LEBRON
  • 99% Playmaking Talent


14. Devin Booker – A Tier 

Pressure Cooker Booker’s historic scoring run last postseason isn’t talked about enough.

  • 97% Midrange Shooting Talent
  • 98% O-LEBRON
  • 95% Playmaking Talent


15. Jayson Tatum – A Tier 

For a few years, he’s been the best player on the best team and hasn’t won it all, at a certain point it makes you start to ask questions.

  • 98% 3PT Shooting Talent
  • 97% O-LEBRON
  • 87% Playmaking Talent


16. De’Aaron Fox – A Tier 

He’s apparently cash money from 3 now, which makes him even tougher to guard.

  • 98% Stable PnR Ball Handler PPP
  • 99% O-LEBRON
  • 93% 3PT Shooting Talent


17.  Jalen Brunson – A Tier 

Great scorer, elite poise.

  • 99% 3PT Shooting Talent
  • 97% O-LEBRON
  • 99% Midrange Shooting Talent


A- Tier


18. Donovan Mitchell – A- Tier 

There’s some serious juice in those legs, he makes you forget he’s only 6’3.

  • 91% Playmaking Talent
  • 98% O-LEBRON
  • 98% Finishing Talent


19. Ja Morant – A- Tier 

He only played 9 games this season but in those, he made it clear just how impactful he is.

  • 94% Half Court Shooting Talent
  • 89% O-LEBRON
  • 96% Finishing Talent


20. James Harden – A- Tier 

He’s not as good as he used to be but clearly still has it.

  • 96% Playmaking Talent
  • 96% O-LEBRON
  • 97% 3PT Shooting Talent


B+ Tier


21. Lauri Markkanen – A- Tier 

Great scoring, solid defense, and an off-ball game that fits with any player in the league.

  • 98% Movement Points/75
  • 95% O-LEBRON
  • 91% 3PT Shooting Talent


22. Jamal Murray – B+ Tier 

One of the few players capable of going Super Saiyan 3.

  • 94% Half Court Shooting Talent
  • 95% O-LEBRON
  • 88% 3PT Shooting Talent


23. Bam Adebayo – B+ Tier 

A two-way big whose defensive versatility is second only to AD.

  • 93% Midrange Talent
  • 98% Stable Isolation PPP
  • 95% D-LEBRON


24. Tyrese Maxey – B+ Tier 

He’s a lock for the most-improved player in the league.

  • 97% Finishing Talent
  • 98% O-LEBRON
  • 99% 3PT Shooting Talent


25. Anthony Edwards – B+ Tier 

Once the passing fully develops, watch out.

  • 99% Transition Shooting Talent
  • 92% O-LEBRON
  • 95% 3PT Shooting Talent


26. Domantas Sabonis – B+ Tier 

His unique blend of scoring, passing, and rebounding makes him one of the most valuable bigs in the league.

  • 96% Playmaking Talent
  • 94% O-LEBRON
  • 98% 3PT Shooting Talent


27. Zion Williamson – B+ Tier 

If this is his floor I can’t wait to see his ceiling.

  • 86% Playmaking Talent
  • 93% O-LEBRON
  • 99% Finishing Talent


28. Paul George – B+ Tier 

You couldn’t make a better sidekick on paper if you tried.

  • 96% Playmaking Talent
  • 94% O-LEBRON
  • 98% 3PT Shooting Talent


29. Trae Young – B+ Tier 

A one-man offensive tour de force.

  • 99% 3PT Shooting Talent
  • 99% O-LEBRON
  • 99% Playmaking Talent


30. Karl-Anthony Towns – B+ Tier 

A hyper-efficient scorer that’s difficult to suppress.

  • 96% Overall Shooting Talent
  • 84% O-LEBRON
  • 83% Playmaking Talent


31. Derrick White – B+ Tier 

The internet’s favorite player for good reason.

  • 92% D-LEBRON
  • 94% O-LEBRON
  • 90% 3PT Shooting Talent


32. Kyrie Irving – B+ Tier 

generational crazy-to-talent ratio.

  • 93% Midrange Talent
  • 98% O-LEBRON
  • 97% Playmaking Talent


33. LaMelo Ball – B+ Tier 

One of the most exciting young ball handlers in years, but he was cast into purgatory via the draft lotto.

  • 98% Finishing Talent
  • 97% O-LEBRON
  • 98% Playmaking Talent


34. Chet Holmgren – B+ Tier 

He already is boasting high-end two-way impact.

  • 99% Rim Points Saved/75
  • 92% D-LEBRON
  • 83% O-LEBRON


35. Victor Wembanyama – B+ Tier 

A DPOY candidate in his rookie season.

  • 90% Deflections
  • 98% D-LEBRON
  • 99% Rim Points Saved/75


36. Desmond Bane – B+ Tier 

He’s a terror in semi-transition and one of the elite 3-point shooters in the league.

  • 95% Finishing Talent
  • 94% Midrange Talent
  • 98% 3PT Shooting Talent


37. Jrue Holiday – B+ Tier 

He’s taken a back seat in Boston, but don’t let the box score fool you, he’s still one of the best two-way guards in the game.

  • 84% Playmaking Talent
  • 79% D-LEBRON
  • 84% 3PT Shooting Talent


38. Darius Garland – B+ Tier 

Elite playmaking and 3-point shooting give him one of the most useful skill sets in the league.

  • 99% Playmaking Talent
  • 87% O-LEBRON
  • 97% Finishing Talent


B Tier


39. Aaron Gordon – B Tier 

He’s a rare case of versatility, athleticism, and skill.

  • 88% Finishing Talent
  • 83% O-LEBRON
  • 88% Matchup Difficulty


4. Zach LaVine – B Tier 

He scores from all 3 levels effectively but doesn’t offer much else

  • 85% O-LEBRON
  • 94% 3PT Shooting Talent
  • 94% Finishing Talent


41. Jaylen Brown – B Tier 

He’s a solid scorer who shines when he attacks closeouts and gets to the rim

  • 98% Transition Shooting Talent 
  • 95% Finishing Talent
  • 91% Midrange Talent 


42. Scottie Barnes – B Tier

A special defender who leverages his instincts and athleticism well.

  • 93% D-LEBRON 
  • 99% Defensive Positional Versatility
  • 98% Playmaking Talent 


43. Pascal Siakam – B Tier

He’s good around the rim and from the midrange, couple that with his knack for passing and you’ve got yourself a pretty good player.

  • 92% O-LEBRON 
  • 95% Midrange Talent
  • 93% Playmaking Talent 


44. Rudy Gobert – B Tier 

After a down year by his standards, he’s back to his usual dominant self

  • 99% Rim Points Saved/75
  • 99% D-LEBRON
  • 97% Defensive Rebounds/75


45. Bradley Beal – B Tier 

A good scorer with a long resume

  • 83% Midrange Talent
  • 97% Stable Isolation PPP
  • 97% Stable Off Screen PPP


46. Brandon Ingram – B Tier 

He’s one of the elite midrange shooters in the league but I’m not sure how far that gets you in today’s game.

  • 87% O-LEBRON
  • 99% Midrange Talent
  • 87% Playmaking Talent


47. Kristaps Porzingis – B Tier 

Two-way impact on high efficiency is tough to disagree with.

  • 89% O-LEBRON
  • 80% Overall Shooting Talent
  • 91% D-LEBRON


48. Jaren Jackson Jr  – B Tier

Big time shot blocker with a developing offensive game

  • 94% Finishing Talent
  • 98% Midrange Talent
  • 94% D-LEBRON


B- Tier


Nic Claxton – B- Tier

One of the best bigs in the league when it comes to switching on the perimeter and protecting the rim.


Paolo Banchero – B- Tier

His ability to force himself to the free throw line at an elite rate is one of the most promising indicators a young player can have.


Fred VanVleet – B- Tier

A good blend of ball handling, 3-point shooting, and defensive playmaking.


Franz Wagner – B- Tier

An up-and-coming two-way wing.


Alex Caruso – B- Tier

He can dominate for stretches with his defensive playmaking.


Draymond Green – B- Tier

When he’s not being ejected or suspended he’s one of the most versatile defenders in the league.


Brook Lopez – B- Tier

There are very few centers that offer elite rim protection and viable 3-point shooting


Julius Randle – B- Tier

Good production on below-average efficiency.


Khris Middleton – B- Tier

A cornerstone player who’s aging with grace.


Alperen Sengun – B- Tier

The offense looks promising, the defense does not.


Evan Mobley – B- Tier

One of the better defenders in the league, the offense hasn’t caught up yet.


Jarrett Allen – B- Tier

Strong defender, offensive rebounder, and play finisher.


Austin Reaves – B- Tier

He’s a deadly pull up shooter in the pick and roll.


Mikal Bridges – B- Tier

He’s a pretty good scorer at all 3 levels but not much of a passer, also the defense has slipped with the increased workload.


Myles Turner – B- Tier

His skill set of rim protection and viable 3-point shooting is a rare commodity among centers. 


DeMar DeRozan – B- Tier

He’s still a pretty good scorer.


CJ McCollum – B- Tier

He’s been a professional scorer for a long long time


Jerami Grant – B- Tier

His skill set makes him an ideal candidate as the 3rd amigo on a winning team.


OG Anunoby – B- Tier

One of the premiere 3&D+ players in the league


C+ Tier


Jonas Valanciunas – C+ Tier

Extremely efficient scorer and strong rebounder


Mike Conley – C+ Tier

Old, but still a good passer and shooter


Spencer Dinwiddie – C+ Tier

Solid ball handler


Dejounte Murray – C+ Tier

If the 3 point shooting is real he’s getting moved up a tier


Jalen Williams – C+ Tier

He is the most underrated player in the league


Michael Porter Jr – C+ Tier

Deadly 3-point shooter


Immanuel Quickley – C+ Tier

A two-way guard with nice passing


Herbert Jones – C+ Tier

Elite wing stopper


Kevin Huerter – C+ Tier

Quality shooter who’s having a down year


Cameron Johnson – C+ Tier

A high-caliber shooter


Jakob Poeltl – C+ Tier

A classic anchor big, strong defender, rim finisher, and offensive rebounder


Mitchell Robinson – C+ Tier

Insane offensive rebounding and strong defensive playmaking


Ivica Zubac – C+ Tier

Underrated rim protector


Jalen Suggs – C+ Tier

Incredible defender with nice passing, notable heart


Malik Monk – C+ Tier



Isaiah Hartenstein – C+ Tier

One of the most underrated defenders in the league


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – C+ Tier

High-level 3&D option


Tyler Herro – C+ Tier

Scorer and spacer


Walker Kessler – C+ Tier

Generational rim protector, only in year 2


Tobias Harris – C+ Tier

Solid two-way wing


Isaiah Joe – C+ Tier

Lights out shooter


Goga Bitadze – C+ Tier

Analytics darling, strong defensive value


Chris Paul – C+ Tier

Not much left in the tank, but still a good passer


Jusuf Nurkic – C+ Tier

Elite rebounder


Coby White – C+ Tier

Has thrived since being moved off-ball


Kelly Olynyk – C+ Tier

Good passer that can stretch the floor


Steven Adams – C+ Tier

Elite offensive rebounder and good defender


Marcus Smart – C+ Tier

High defensive impact with some passing


Naz Reid – C+ Tier

Scorer, spacer, all around good time


De’Anthony Melton – C+ Tier



Buddy Hield – C+ Tier

Strong movement shooter


Malcolm Brogdon – C+ Tier



Duncan Robinson – C+ Tier

Reborn after a strong playoff run


Al Horford – C+ Tier

Old reliable, a good defender who can space and pass


Keegan Murray – C+ Tier

Unclear what his peak will be, but he has a 3&D floor already


Bojan Bogdanovic – C+ Tier

Talented shooter


Dorian Finney-Smith – C+ Tier



Norman Powell – C+ Tier

The most efficient bench scorer in the league


Cam Thomas – C+ Tier

Intriguing shot chucker


Collin Sexton – C+ Tier

He’s put up very nice numbers since being traded to Utah, crazy burst


Terry Rozier – C+ Tier

Pretty good scorer


Bruce Brown – C+ Tier

He can do a little bit of everything


Jaime Jaquez Jr – C+ Tier

Plays with the savvy of a 5 year vet


Devin Vassell – C+ Tier

Strong shooter


Kyle Kuzma – C+ Tier

Overtasked in Washington but he can give you some volume-scoring


Jaden McDaniels – C+ Tier

One of the best on-ball defenders in the league


TJ McConnell – C+ Tier

Strong ball handler and playmaker


Anfernee Simons – C+ Tier

An underrated scorer who’s a flamethrower from 3


Robert Covington – C+ Tier

Defensive dynamo


Josh Hart – C+ Tier

Elite rebounder for his size and a good defender


Klay Thompson – C+ Tier

Not what he was before his leg exploded twice but still a good movement shooter


Dereck Lively II – C+ Tier

Big time defensive impact as a rookie


Kevon Looney – C+ Tier

Knows his job, sets screens, grabs offensive rebounds, and plays solid defense


Larry Nance Jr – C+ Tier

A good defender that offers defensive flexibility, steals, and deflections


Jose Alvarado – C+ Tier

Defensive sparkplug that can rack up steals 


D’Angelo Russell – C+ Tier

Offers above-average passing and scoring


Donte DiVincenzo – C+ Tier

Good 3&D player that can pass some


Jonathan Kuminga – C+ Tier

Crazy athlete that’s putting together more and more good stretches


Bobby Portis – C+ Tier

Stretch four that can also be your crazy/edge guy


Kevin Love – C+ Tier

Great rebounder and stretch four


Robert Williams III – C+ Tier

When healthy he’s a monster shot blocker


Jalen Johnson – C+ Tier

Great defensive impact as a wing-stopper combined with high-efficiency scoring on offense


Gabe Vincent – C+ Tier

Good energy guy that gives you something on both ends


Grayson Allen – C+ Tier

Good 3-point shooter


Royce O’Neale – C+ Tier



Kyle Anderson – C+ Tier

Versatility on both ends of the floor


Gary Payton II – C+ Tier

A defensive specialist with a high basketball IQ


Vince Williams Jr – C+ Tier

He’s exploded onto the scene in year two, he  looks to be a defensive difference-maker


Trey Murphy III – C+ Tier

Lethal spot up guy with room to grow


Dennis Schroder – C+ Tier

Some point guard production combined with pretty good on-ball defense


Wendell Carter Jr – C+ Tier

Solid defender with some offensive skill


Max Strus – C+ Tier

A pretty good 3-point shooter with some toughness


Tyus Jones – C+ Tier

The best floater in the game


Harrison Barnes – C+ Tier

He’s a good spot up four


Bogdan Bogdanovic – C+ Tier

Extremely skilled shooter


Isaiah Jackson – C+ Tier

Nuts shot blocking numbers


Clint Capela – C+ Tier

A solid defender and play-finisher


Andrew Wiggins – C+ Tier

He’s been bad as of late but put together a few strong seasons prior to this one, hardest guy to rank in the league


Cade Cunningham – C+ Tier

Tough to evaluate a guy on a team this bad


Jordan Clarkson – C+ Tier

A talented chucker having a down year

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