About the Team

The BBall Index team was assembled during the summer of 2018 to launch this project. The site is built around the data, models, and profiles built by this core team.

Tim / “Cranjis McBasketball"

Tim has a background in business and a passion for basketball. Toward the end of his tenure working at the college level for four years, Tim broke into the Twitter world in March 2017 under the pseudonym “Cranjis McBasketball,” and has since produced an abundance of written and video content, along with a podcast and many, many tweets.

Tim’s role for his D1, Power 5 university expanded from operations to include opponent scouting and analytics, eventually leading to him orchestrating the team’s analytical operations.

Since Tim’s graduation from grad school, he has consulted with AAU, high school, college, and even 2K Pro-AM teams and coaches on both setting up team analytics and bettering team Xs & Os to fit personnel and optimize efficiency.

Tim also consults with several NBA agents on utilizing data to help players negotiate contracts, and consulted to work on designing the team playbooks used in NBA 2K18 for 20 of 30 NBA teams.

Tim’s has produced written work on Nylon Calculus, LakerFilmRoom, Forum Blue & Gold, and Real Ball Insiders. He co-hosts the Taking Charge with Cranjis McBasketball podcast to cover the Lakers from a scheme and analytical point of view.

Tim does what he does to better the game and the experience of those watching and competing, and BBall Index is no different. This team was assembled to equip great writers with the technical expertise and analytical prowess to unlock supreme written content, as well as provide value adding gambling model content for the NBA, WNBA, and college basketball.

Tim guides day to day operations of the site and leads the strategic side of the operation. His mind has been tapped to varying degrees for all of the gambling content the site produces, as well as the competency based player evaluation model. Tim will also serve the site as an editor and training lead.

Tim can be followed on Twitter at @T1m_NBA. Feel free to reach him via email as well, where inquiries/propositions can be directed to Cr.McBasketball@gmail.com.

Jacob Goldstein

Jacob joins BBall Index very accomplished in his young career. As a rising senior, he is studying mechanical engineering at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, one of the prestigious universities considered a “New Ivy.”

Tabbed the Wizkid of Nylon Calculus, Jacob has been a lead contributor for the leading NBA analytics blog on the internet. His work for Nylon has impacted thousands of fans, and included content ranging from playoff series previews to topical situational breakdowns utilizing great data to bringing new metrics to the forefront.

Speaking of such, Jacob has been instrumental in the basketball analytics community through his improvement of Luck-Adjusted plus/minus data, which removes statistical noise found in 3-point shooting and free throw shooting from plus/minus data to enable more accurate analysis.

This step forward also led to Jacob’s Player Impact Plus Minus statistic, which quickly spread from Nylon to across NBA circles, and will make many appearances in BBall Index content. This PIPM stat has shed light onto NBA players and helped analysis of college basketball players take an even further jump, filling an analytical hole in the collegiate game not currently addressed with player tracking data the way it is in the NBA.

Another major accomplishment of Jacob’s was to enable fans of overseas teams and leagues to take a step forward in their analytical consumption, through calculating Box Plus Minus for over a dozen international basketball leagues.

Adding to his resume of great work, Jacob is a 2018 summer intern for one of the global leaders in sports data and digital content and NBA partner in data provision, SportsRadar.

For BBall Index, Jacob will serve as a writer, editor, and data asset, and has played a key role in the development of the site’s NBA gambling model and competency based player evaluation model.

Jacob can be followed on Twitter at @JacobEGoldstein or reached via email at 15goldsteinj@gmail.com.

Mike Panagopoulos

The final piece of the analytics puzzle for the BBall Index stats team is Mike Panagopoulos. Mike studied actuarial science and statistics, and has a strong mathematical background. His primary role at the site is data and model management, but he will also write on occasion.

Mike played a key role in developing the site’s NBA and NCAA models, as well as its NBA DFS lineup optimizer tool. He’s also contributed with the site’s competency based player evaluations.