This is Town Business: Week 5- Be Original. Be Real.

The mainstream sports media are a well meaning bunch.

They work tirelessly on their beats to inform, engage and entertain fans. Mostly, they are just out here doing their jobs-asking questions and analyzing. Fuss on TV, write, file, and tweet.

Wash, rinse and repeat.

They are also the reason why the NBA fan can’t have anything nice.

Despite the good intentions surrounding it, consistently comparing players puts a damper on the enjoyment of the game. It isn’t enough to enjoy players for who they are, instead  the media breaks out the measuring stick.

That’s where we are with Stephen Curry and Trae Young.

Ever since Young gained national attention for his exploits at Oklahoma, the press routinely compares him to Curry. Granted, the comparisons are valid: undersized and prolific from three. However that doesn’t make the constant comparisons any less annoying for both players. So, Curry decided to fix that in their first matchup.

A not so friendly reminder

Easy. Work!

Curry shot 58 percent from the field and 60 percent from 3, while Young missed all of his threes and shot 8-for-20 and committed seven turnovers. Granted, this game is a low in a seasons worth of highs and lows for a rookie and Young has the potential to be great player in the league. But as far as comparisons are concerned, STOP! It’s unfair to Young, a solid but raw rookie who is still trying to find his way into the league, and trying to write his own story. It’s also unfair to Curry, a three time champion and two-time league MVP who, despite his accomplishments is still overlooked in some aspects. Kevin Durant also believes that the comparisons must stop.

“It’s ridiculous,” Durant says. “I see Trae Young being compared to Steph a lot. You see young players in college now being compared to NBA mega stars. It’s unfair to them, for one. Everybody is different. Their path, where they grew up, and how they grew up playing the game and how they were taught, it’s different for everyone. You can’t expect the same path and the same journey.”

Despite the wise words from Durant, those comparisons will ultimately continue because sometimes that’s just the media’s way. Speaking of which, Durant felt the need to reveal some uncomfortable truths about the sports press as a whole.

The Truth Hurts

At this point, we all are aware of KD’s recent comments regarding the media. Durant believes that the media induced hype and hoopla surrounding LeBron James makes for a toxic atmosphere and the reason why no one wants to play with him. Well, Durant is right. He’s absolutely right.

Whenever James or his team struggles, the onus is always on the supporting cast. They’d say “LeBron doesn’t have help”. In they wins, LeBron gets all of the the praise. No superstar worth his salt want to be the scapegoat to another man’s problems.

Subsequently, the media took Durant’s comments personal and became not only defensive but spiteful. Max Kellerman questioned whether or not Durant is top five in the league. Nick Wright defended his fandom with mentioning James’ works and his story off the court. LA Times’ Bill Plaschke called Durant a ‘cry baby’ in his column. Various media personalities also accused Durant of being jealous of James. Again, Durant didn’t say that James himself was toxic. It’s the environment and its valid. With every response, the media continues to prove not only Durant’s point but the point of many like minded fans.

Town’s Finest

In a previous “Town Business” , Stephen Curry won “Town’s Finest” without playing because of how the team was struggling on and off the court without him. Now, in Week 5, he wins for his work on the court. And did he do some work. Curry followed up his 30 point performance in Atlanta by dropping 42 on the Cavs. Curry shot 11 for 20 from the field and 9 of 14 from deep. He also dished seven assist and snagged nine boards in a 129-105 win on the road.

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