Welcome to BBall Index! We’ve worked hard over the better half of a year to assemble the team of contributors and develop the site and metrics you can explore and see.

Our mission is simple: We want to give you the extra angle on players, teams, and bets through our revolutionary player grades, top notch written analysis, and proven gambling models.

Written Content

We’d like BBall Index to become a hub of exceptional written content, produced by smart minds equipped with new data and expert opinions, bringing you analysis you won’t find elsewhere.

To accomplish that, we’ve developed new and exciting types of data to analyze players, teams, and even coaches. And we’ve locked a bunch of experts in their niches in a room to bolster the written content from our writing staff with extra angles of analysis.

We have experts on retainer in the following areas:

  • Xs and Os
  • Analytics
  • Biomechanics
  • Shooting form
  • The CBA
  • Salary cap situations

Our Data

In addition to being featured in written content, the data we’ve assembled in our player profiles will hopefully allow fans to have a one-stop-shop for stats on their favorite players. Instead of opening 5-6 sites to get a full picture on LeBron, you can save yourself some time and come here.

The talent grades our staff has developed will also open new avenues for analysis.

We can now judge players based on how good they are in specific skill sets, opening doors for analysis regarding free agency and trades.

We’re now enabled to analyze how well coaching staffs are utilizing their talent, which has never been done before.

We can now see how a player might perform if placed in a new position or role, a prospect that has never before had the data available to do.

We’re excited with how this new data can be used, and plan to keep innovating and creating.

Our Models

The backbone of the site will be our premium gambling content. The success of those models will allow us to continue paying staff well for their efforts and fuel growth in staff.

We have NBA, WNBA, and NCAA models that have all proven to be profitable over large samples. We also have a successful NBA DFS lineup optimizer that has tested well.

So if you’re looking to make some cash or bring more meaning to the games you’re watching, we can help with that.

Moving Forward

The current site design and offerings are only in stage one. We have a lot more to unveil as the season progresses, and are happy to have you along for the ride.

Thanks for stopping by,

Tim / Cranjis McBasketball

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