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NBA ATS & O/U Pre-ASB Bundle


Note: This package gets you NBA Model ATS and O/U picks until the NBA All-Star Break (~4 months @ $279 minus a ~10% discount).

It’s that time of year again! We’re offering access to our NBA “against the spread” or “sides” model projections along with our Over/Under or “totals” projections, complete with projections on every NBA game from both of our models and notes on if any injuries will impact those projections and by how much.

Last season when the two models agreed and our O/U projections were at least 3 points from Pinnacle’s opening line, our O/U picks were correct 55.8% of the time (6.5% ROI on -110 odds) and there were bets on 28.5% of all games. Against Pinnacle closing lines, we were correct 55.5% of the time on O/U bets and there were bets on 33.0% of all games.

Last season pre-ASB (before teams started really tanking) when the two models agreed and our projections were at least 2 points from Pinnacle’s opening line, our picks were correct 59.5% of the time (14% ROI on -110 odds). On all games pre-ASB ATS, regardless of the difference from Pinnacle’s opening line, we were correct 56.2% of the time. Against Pinnacle closing lines, we were correct 53.1% of the time.

As expected, the further the projections were from Pinnacle’s opening lines, the higher our accuracy.

Get an edge on your competition by trusting the math and having accuracy on volume you won’t find elsewhere.

What & Where: Purchase of this package will yield access to the paywall protected NBA Model tab, on which picks will be posted daily several hours before tipoff. Regular rhythms will be established as the season starts and will attempt to be maintained. Injury information will be notated, and spreads and model projections will be updated as new injury information comes in. Those changes will be noted and timestamped.

You’ll be granted access immediately upon purchase and able to view the available projections. Rather than just sharing “pick Lakers +3” or “Lakers/Magic U220,” our projections show exactly what we believe the game’s final margin or total will be to enable you to continue to place bets even if the market lines move.

Here are some testimonials from previous seasons:

“I’m very risk-averse and had never bet before, so I was really nervous using some rando internet guy’s model (How do I know this isn’t some scheme to take my money?). Nonetheless, after winning multiple NCAA brackets using the model picks, and then using the NBA ATS picks, I’ve made hundreds of dollars in profit just using the recommended daily picks while being a betting dummy.” – NBA & NCAA Customer

Cranjis’ model is dummy-proof; you don’t need to know very much, and he tells YOU what to do. More importantly, unlike most people, he shows his work, and is honest and upfront; this is no scheme, and I’m thankful that he’s generous-enough to share with those willing to help keep him funded. I look forward to beating Vegas even more in the future as he continues to improve the model.” – NBA & NCAA Customer

“Cranjis knows his stuff. His models are informative and helpful in determining what lines are value bets. I used his models to win 75% of my sports bets during the first weekend of March Madness, enough so that I am now the proud owner of a Cranjis McBasketball shirt.” – NBA & NCAA Customer

Cranjis’ models are definitely worth paying for because it gives you a better understanding of the stats and match-up data of any basketball game. I think it’s so cool how it’s a forecast for what those teams will run against the opponent, and if it will work out or not, all shown through data. Plus, the gambling recommendations really helped when I did not have time to research myself.” – Eric, NBA & NCAA Customer

“It’s simple – I pay $10 a month to a this guy who made me thousands of dollars through March Madness and the NBA season. Best investment I’ve ever made and I mean that.” – Yisrael, NBA customer

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