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March Madness Bracket Package


It’s that time of year again! We’re offering access to our March Madness package, complete with our bracket that has yielded 99th percentile brackets 2 of the past 5 years.

What’s different about our package? In addition to having data on how effective each team is very in-depth ways, through film analysis we know for each team:

  • What do they like to do on offense? Ball screens, post ups, off-screen action, isolations, etc.
  • Do they press? What kinds of press and how effective are they at it? And offensively, how do they handle different kinds of press?
  • Do they run zone? What kinds of zone and how effective are they at it? And offensively, how do they attack different kinds of zone?
  • Do they send help on post ups on defense? How do they attack different types of post help on offense?
  • What coverages do they use to defend ball screens? And offensively, how do they attack each coverage?

We’re then able to analyze matchups with more pertinent information, leading to enhanced accuracy.

What: You get 4 pieces of content with this package:

  • Official BBI Bracket
  • Round by Round team odds to advance
  • A 20-page writeup digging into the entire round of 64 games, key upset picks from there, top FAQs, some additional upsets to pick if you’re feeling adventurous, & more!
  • Second Chance Bracket (after the 1st weekend of games)


When & How: Tuesday, March 14th access will be shared with every customer. The bracket and info is available on this page for subscribers: