NBA Lineup Data

Data below shows lineup performance and talent data for all NBA lineups with 10+ minutes on the 2020-21 season.

Minutes, Offensive Rating, Defensive Rating, Net Rating, and Shot Quality data reflects actual data for that specific lineup.

Talent data indicates the 5-man average rating within that lineup from season-long data for each player.

  • Finishing & Playmaking reflect our overall talent grades
  • Penetrating, Finishing at Rim, and Scoring Gravity reflect component ratings within existing talent grades
  • Spacing is an off-ball specific version of our 3PT Shot Making component rating

Outside of ratings data and minutes, all values shown below reflect percentiles. You can read a 75th percentile Spacing value as “that lineup’s Spacing is higher than 75% of all other lineups.”

This data currently includes raw Offensive Rating, Defensive Rating, and Net Rating data and includes garbage time. Our next update will remove garbage time and stabilize lineup performance values to help deal with small samples and increase predictiveness of ratings shown.