Chicago Klay: Thompson shatters shooting slump, records

Klay Thompson was in rare form to begin the season.

Going into Monday night’s  game against the Chicago Bulls, the sharpshooting splash brother shot a frigid 5 for 36 (13 percent) from deep. His overall field goal percentage was better in comparison at 39 percent from the field.

Obviously, getting Thompson out of his slump was on the Warriors’ minds. Something just had to give.

“We will get Klay going a little more,” Curry told reporters after the Warriors’ win in Brooklyn, “We can do things to make that happen.”

Curry and Durant made Thompson’s night happen by purposely dialing themselves back so their teammate can shine. The beautiful thing about Thompson’s record-setting night was the fact that 12 out of his 14 made threes were assisted.

In addition to the Warriors’ display of unselfishness, Thompson’s shot a true shooting percentage of 87.

Granted, it’s early in the season but let this sink in:

During the past four games, Curry exploded for 51 points. Durant scored 25 of his 41 points in a fourth quarter explosion against the Knicks while Curry and Durant scored 30+ points each against the Nets.

Then, Klay obliterated his slump in the most Klayesqe way possible: breaking his teammate’s record and doing it in a game where the team scored 92 points at halftime.

Good luck with everything, NBA.

Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

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