Basketball Index’s 2024 ALL-NBA Teams

Presenting Basketball Index’s 2024 All-NBA Teams. These results are a combination of BBI staff ballots as well as a ballot submitted on behalf of LEBRON our all-in-one metric.

A few metrics that will be cited heavily in the article are LEBRON, Playmaking Talent, and Shooting Talent/Shot Making. LEBRON is our all-in-one metric that takes the box score and luck adjusted on/off data and converts it into how many points a player is worth per 100 possessions. Playmaking Talent looks at a player’s passing volume, quality, and more to evaluate a player’s playmaking. Shooting Talent and Shot Making are explained in detail here (The Evolution Of Shooting Stats – Basketball Index (  


1st Team

Luka Doncic – DAL – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Helper

Luka has been stuffing the box score with gaudy numbers for years, this season it translated to the top O-LEBRON in the league. He is a devastating 3-level scorer who’s ability to carry a team is unmatched. Doncic was the only player to finish in the top 20 in 3PT Shooting Talent, Midrange Talent, and Finishing Talent. This was also the most efficient year of his career, he finished 5th in Pick & Roll Ball Handler PPP and 4th in Isolation PPP. He posted the best D-LEBRON (45th percentile) of his career thanks to improved perimeter defense.


Shai Gilgeous Alexander – OKC – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Helper

SGA was one of the best scorers in the league and has performed at an MVP level this year (5th in LEBRON). He can get to the rim at will (2nd in Rim Shot Creation/75) and his midrange game features a seemingly limitless array of ultra-polished moves (7th in Midrange Talent). On defense, he was 5th among guards in D-LEBRON thanks in part to spectacular steal and block rates.


Giannis Antetokounmpo – MIL – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Helper

Giannis posted the 2nd best Finishing Talent in our 11-year database this season. His strength, size, and quickness are simply too much for defenders around the basket. This along with his underrated passing helped earn him the best O-LEBRON of his career (2nd in the league). His defense isn’t at the otherworldly heights it was a few years ago but still remains a value add. He was 6th among non centers in Rim dFG% vs Expected. 


Nikola Jokic – DEN – Offensive Role: Post Scorer – Defensive Role: Anchor Big

Jokic is in the midst of an all-time stretch. This is the fourth season in a row he’s led the league in LEBRON. His ability to control possessions and manipulate defenses makes him nearly impossible to effectively game plan against. He is deadly in the key (97th% Rim Shot Making & 99th% Floater Shot Making). The three time MVP was in the top half of the league compared to other centers (76th% in D-LEBRON). His elite hands allow him to rack up deflections and steals at a high rate.


Jalen Brunson – NYK – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Chaser

After making an impressive leap in his first season as a Knick, Brunson turned in an even better 2024 season. He made his first All-Star team while posting career highs in O-LEBRON and Overall Shooting Talent (6th & 3rd in the league). As a result, he’s had the 2nd largest jump in On-Ball Gravity (now 5th). He led the league in Floater Shot Making as well as Stable Spot Up PPP. Brunson is a negative on defense, but he does enough on offense to offset that.



2nd team

Jayson Tatum – BOS – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Helper

Tatum’s ability to impact the game in multiple ways is his greatest strength. He contributes as an on/off-ball scorer, passer, rebounder, and defender. On offense, his combination of 3pt shooting and finishing give him an ideal modern skill set (97% Finishing Talent & 98th% 3PT Shooting Talent). He finished first in Drive Foul Rate among forwards, further optimizing his game. On the other end of the court, he’s a positive who offers versatility.


Anthony Davis – LAL – Offensive Role: Post Scorer – Defensive Role: Mobile Big

Health has always been the biggest question in regards to AD’s impact. This was the first season since 2018 where he played 70 games and it resulted in him posting the 5th-best LEBRON WAR in the league (11.9 wins above replacement). Davis’ two-way impact has always been among the best in the league, this year he was the only player to post a +2 in O-LEBRON and D-LEBRON. He finished 7th in the league in Rim Shot making and first among centers. His defensive playmaking is elite, being one of four players that finished in the 60th% or higher in Steals/75, Deflections/75, and 90th% in Blocks/75


Kevin Durant – PHO – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Helper

Durant had his first fully healthy season since tearing his achilles in the 2019 playoffs. He appeared in 75 games and averaged 37 minutes a game, which is quite the workload for a 17-year vet. His excellent 3pt shooting (41% from three on 5.4 Attempts a game) and midrange game have allowed him to age gracefully into his mid-30s. He gives some supplemental rim protection and is still decent as a team defender.


Anthony Edwards – MIN – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Helper

Ant took another step forward this season. His increased free throw and assist rates helped him post the best O-LEBRON of his young career. Edwards’ rim pressure is among the best in the league (97th% in Rim Shot Creation) and he was second in Drive Foul Rate. His growing On-Ball Gravity helped his playmaking improve. The quality of the shots created for teammates took a significant jump this season. His defense on the perimeter is solid, his 6’9 wingspan allows him to bother ball.


Kawhi Leonard – LAC – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Wing Stopper

The 32 year old had his healthiest season since 2017. He finished 12th in LEBRON WAR posting great impact numbers on both sides of the ball. His pull up shooting is still deadly and his efficiency was near the top of the league, ranking 7th among forwards in PPP,and his isolation game is still strong (He was 4th in One on One Shot Making). Defensively he still looks good (6th in D-LEBRON among Wing Stoppers).



3rd team

Domantas Sabonis – SAC – Offensive Role: Post Scorer – Defensive Role: Anchor Big 

He provided immense regular season value finishing 6th in LEBRON WAR. His value stems from being a strong finisher around the basket, a fantastic DHO (dribble handoff) hub, and an elite rebounder. He improved as a rim protector this season which helped him establish a career high in D-LEBRON (12th among centers). 


LeBron James – LAL – Offensive Role: Shot Creator – Defensive Role: Helper

LeBron finished 15th in LEBRON WAR and had his healthiest and most efficient season as a Laker. He shot a blistering 47% on C&S 3s (7th among qualifying players) and was 93rd% in Stable Cut PPP. James’ finishing around the basket remains elite (3rd in Rim Shot Making) and his playmaking is still near the top of the league (7th in Playmaking Talent). Defensively, he’s a neutral. His biggest value add is as a rebounder (83rd% among non centers)


Stephen Curry – GSW – Offensive Role: Primary Ball Handler – Defensive Role: Chaser

Steph kept on rolling this season. He finished first in 3PT Shooting Talent and 5th in Overall Shooting Talent. Curry’s off-ball movement remains his calling card (1st in Stable Off-Screen PPP). His playmaking has remained near the top of the league (15th in Playmaking Talent). The defense has fallen off a cliff in his mid-30s, he ranked 504th in D-LEBRON (9th%).


Tyrese Haliburton – IND – Offensive Role: Primary Ball Handler – Defensive Role: Low Activity

Haliburton finished 4th in O-LEBRON and cemented himself as an elite creator capable of single-handedly orchestrating a high-powered offense. He led the league in assists per game (10.9) as well as Playmaking Talent. He’s also one of the best shooters in the league (97th% in both 3PT Shooting Talent and Midrange Talent). His D-LEBRON (9th%) bleeds some of his overall value but his offense is so overwhelming that it makes up for it.


Devin Booker – GSW – Offensive Role: Primary Ball Handler – Defensive Role: Helper

After trading away Chris Paul for Bradley Beal in the offseason the Suns were left without a traditional point guard on the roster. Booker stepped into the role and finished with the highest Playmaking Talent of his career. He was an effective scorer at all 3 levels eclipsing the 92nd% in 3PT Shooting Talent, Midrange Talent, and Finishing Talent. His value does take a hit because of his defense, he finished in the 18th% in D-LEBRON.

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