Welcome to 2020 WNBA Draft Central, a hub for our second 2020 WNBA mock draft and initial top 36 big board. Below you’ll find a ranking of the top 36 prospects. Those players have been placed into tiers. We’ll wrap with our final mock draft running through all three rounds. 

The 2020 WNBA Draft will be conducted virtually on Friday, April 17. Rachel Galligan, Aneela Khan, and Eric Nemchock joined us for our first 2020 mock draft last month. Catch up with every offseason signing and trade and get an early look at some estimated 2020 depth charts via our 2020 WNBA free agency tracker

This year’s crop of early entrants includes Oregon forward Satou Sabally, Texas A&M guard Chennedy Carter and UConn forward Megan Walker. Notable early-entrant candidates Dana Evans, Arella Guirantes and Aari McDonald elected to return to school for the 2020-21 season. South Dakota’s Ciara Duffy has indicated that she’s “ready to let basketball maybe take a backseat to the rest of my life now,” and thus will be omitted from this exercise. Duffy was selected at No. 27 in our previous mock draft.

All player heights have been collected from official team roster pages. All stats were obtained via Her Hoop Stats unless otherwise noted. Salary data obtained via the High Post Hoops salary database. Graphic by Akshay Ram. 

Note: The mock draft was updated on Friday after several picks changed hands in the Tina Charles trade. That time was also used to make one final update to the big board. Previous rankings will be indicated in parentheses for players that have moved up or down. 

Top 36 Draft Board

1. Satou Sabally

6’4″ junior, combo forward, Oregon, tier 1

A similar scoring output will come easily. Instantly elevates any offense with her ability to plug in at either forward spot. International stereotypes need not apply. Fully embraced her ability to get to the line and hit the glass on both ends. Much better feel as a passer than she had to show on a regular basis. Defensive value in her length, ability to do some switching. Won’t lie down against stronger players. Finishing sets her ceiling and will unlock more of her playmaking. 

2019-20 stats (29 games) 

Per game: 16.2 points, 6.9 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.4 stocks, 28.8 minutes, 5.0 FTA, 4.6 3PA 

Shooting: 46.4/33.8/79.2 FG/3PT/FT%, 54.7 2PT%, 53.1 eFG%, 58.5 TS%, 33.2 3Pr

27.7 USG%, 1.03 AST:TO, 10.8 ORBr, 17.0 DRBr, 24.3 FTr, 13.8 TOr

2. Sabrina Ionescu

5’11” senior, guard, Oregon, tier 1

Reliable passer, shooter and scorer. Driven to thrive against the very best. Sees and thinks the game at an incredibly high level. Better scorer than she had to be in most games at Oregon. Won’t have a problem adjusting to tighter passing windows; sees and executes advanced cross-court reads. Excellent pull-up shooter from 2 and 3. Intuitive team defender and rebounder. Not a heavy isolation player. May struggle to make as many plays one-on-one or against switching. How much damage will she do deep in the lane scoring over WNBA size and length? 

2019-20 stats (33 games) 

Per game: 17.5 points, 8.6 rebounds, 9.1 assists, 1.5 steals, 33.7 minutes, 2.7 FTA, 4.6 3PA 

Shooting: 51.8/39.2/92.1 FG/3PT/FT%, 59.0 2PT%, 58.9 eFG%, 63.0 TS%, 33.3 3Pr

24.6 USG%, 3.05 AST:TO, 7.1 ORBr, 21.3 DRBr, 12.7 FTr, 17.6 TOr

3. Chennedy Carter

5’7″ junior, guard, Texas A&M, tier 1

Lives for the biggest moments. Makes tough shots. Has the handle and burst to work to a spot anytime. Will live in the lane. Too many can’t or won’t pass misnomers out there. Where will she settle in as a pull-up shooter if she gets some ‘under’ treatment? 3-point percentage in 2019-20 doesn’t reflect what she currently is. One-position defender; possesses athleticism, anticipation to still make some plays defensively. Good in-between game; also has room to grow with rim finishing.

2019-20 stats (23 games) 

Per game: 21.3 points, 4.3 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 1.7 steals, 30.6 minutes, 4.7 FTA, 3.6 3PA 

Shooting: 45.2/25.3/72.9 FG/3PT/FT%, 49.9 2PT%, 47.6 eFG%, 50.5 TS%, 17.1 3Pr

37.2 USG%, 1.25 AST:TO, 2.3 ORBr, 12.4 DRBr, 12.7 FTr, 11.7 TOr

4. Lauren Cox

6’4″ senior, PF/C, Baylor, tier 2

Integral part of Baylor’s recent dominance. Good high-low passer. Actively looks to keep others involved. Long arms; big enough to play some 5. Alters shots all over the floor. Effort and understanding to keep up with pro offenses will never be in question. Don’t see much post-up scoring translating. Not very fluid on face-up attacks. The jump shot (spotting up, pick and pop) must become a much bigger piece of the pie. 

2019-20 stats (22 games) 

Per game: 12.5 points, 8.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 4.0 stocks, 30.2 minutes, 2.5 FTA, 0.2 3PA 

Shooting: 46.5/40.0/62.5 FG/3PT/FT%, 46.6 2PT%, 46.9 eFG%, 48.5 TS%, 1.8 3Pr

22.5 USG%, 2.26 AST:TO, 10.1 ORBr, 18.1 DRBr, 9.7 FTr, 11.0 TOr

5. Bella Alarie

6’4″ senior, power forward, Princeton, tier 2

Shot over everyone in the Ivy League. Glimpses of the fluidity and handle are real. Will have an easier time finishing drives and absorbing contact in the lane with added strength. Similar length will be a tremendous asset altering and contesting shots. Faces steep challenge scaling up the outside shooting and defending the league’s most demanding position. 

2019-20 stats (23 games) 

Per game: 17.5 points, 8.6 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 3.5 stocks, 29.8 minutes, 3.9 FTA, 2.6 3PA 

Shooting: 47.4/35.6/74.4 FG/3PT/FT%, 50.0 2PT%, 50.6 eFG%, 54.0 TS%, 15.9 3Pr

29.0 USG%, 1.42 AST:TO, 8.4 ORBr, 23.3 DRBr, 12.8 FTr, 9.3 TOr

6. Megan Walker

6’1″ junior, wing, UConn, tier 3

Stepped into bigger role as No. 1 option this season. Good shooter. Big weapon in transition. Versatile shooting threat in handoffs, coming off screens. Needs to improve defensively and shooting off the dribble when run off the line.

2019-20 stats (32 games) 

Per game: 19.7 points, 8.4 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 1.5 steals, 34.0 minutes, 3.0 FTA, 5.4 3PA 

Shooting: 47.7/45.1/82.1 FG/3PT/FT%, 49.1 2PT%, 55.5 eFG%, 58.5 TS%, 32.2 3Pr

27.3 USG%, 1.16 AST:TO, 5.9 ORBr, 18.4 DRBr, 11.2 FTr, 12.8 TOr

7. Beatrice Mompremier

6’4″ senior, PF/C, Miami, tier 3

Fluid athlete running the floor and facing up to drive. Big rebounding presence on both ends. Missed important chunk of conference play this season (foot). Capable post-up scorer. Finishing needs to improve. Will the jumper come along?

2019-20 stats (17 games) 

Per game: 16.8 points, 9.8 rebounds, 0.6 assists, 2.5 stocks, 25.9 minutes, 5.2 FTA, 0.8 3PA 

Shooting: 52.1/30.8/70.5 FG/3PT/FT%, 53.5 2PT%, 53.1 eFG%, 57.0 TS%, 5.2 3Pr

32.5 USG%, 0.18 AST:TO, 13.1 ORBr, 27.0 DRBr, 16.5 FTr, 18.6 TOr

8. Tyasha Harris (prev: 9)

5’10” senior, point guard, South Carolina, tier 3

More of a game-managing, set-up guard. Impressive career bookends, running two national championship-caliber teams. More size to defend both guard positions as needed. What’s the calling card when required to go get her own offense?

2019-20 stats (33 games) 

Per game: 12.0 points, 3.5 rebounds, 5.7 assists, 1.6 steals, 28.7 minutes, 2.3 FTA, 3.0 3PA 

Shooting: 42.6/38.4/85.7 FG/3PT/FT%, 44.3 2PT%, 48.1 eFG%, 52.5 TS%, 26.3 3Pr

21.0 USG%, 2.78 AST:TO, 1.6 ORBr, 9.9 DRBr, 12.2 FTr, 15.3 TOr

9. Crystal Dangerfield (prev: 8)

5’5″ senior, point guard, UConn, tier 3

Dynamic shooter. Hits shots off the dribble, on the move, coming off screens. Size will be a factor. Do rosier projections require her to become Leilani Mitchell? How valuable is 90% of that? 70?

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 14.9 points, 3.7 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.8 steals, 35.4 minutes, 1.7 FTA, 5.8 3PA 

Shooting: 46.3/41.0/86.0 FG/3PT/FT%, 51.1 2PT%, 56.1 eFG%, 58.8 TS%, 45.1 3Pr

19.7 USG%, 2.27 AST:TO, 1.7 ORBr, 8.4 DRBr, 10.9 FTr, 11.9 TOr

10. Mikiah Herbert Harrigan (prev: 11)

6’2″ senior, power forward, South Carolina, tier 3

Potential role at the next level makes sense–spot up, pick and pop, block shots. Good feet. Guards in space. Will be at a size disadvantage at the 4 in some matchups. Can she land with a team with an immediate spot to fill?

2019-20 stats (33 games) 

Per game: 13.1 points, 5.6 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 2.5 stocks, 26.1 minutes, 2.8 FTA, 1.4 3PA 

Shooting: 50.6/43.5/83.5 FG/3PT/FT%, 51.7 2PT%, 53.6 eFG%, 58.0 TS%, 12.3 3Pr

21.8 USG%, 0.98 AST:TO, 6.0 ORBr, 14.6 DRBr, 12.8 FTr, 11.0 TOr

11. Ruthy Hebard (prev: 12)

6’4″ senior, center, Oregon, tier 3

Effective around the basket. Quick finisher–comfortable with her floater game, getting a shot off before help or her own enters the picture. Works hard defensively and on the glass. Not a stretch 5 or as big as the premier centers. Tough to see a path to a starting role.

2019-20 stats (33 games) 

Per game: 17.3 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 2.4 stocks, 28.7 minutes, 2.9 FTA, 0.0 3PA 

Shooting: 68.5/NA/69.5 FG/3PT/FT%, 68.5 2PT%, 68.5 eFG%, 69.0 TS%, 0.0 3Pr

23.8 USG%, 1.00 AST:TO, 14.8 ORBr, 23.2 DRBr, 10.7 FTr, 10.4 TOr

12. Kitija Laksa (prev: 13)

6’0″ graduate, wing, USF/TTT Riga, tier 3

Excellent, versatile 3-point shooter. Commands attention coming off screens. Makes tough shots on the move. Quick release. Good touch, but is she seen as more than a specialist? What did teams make of her season overseas coming back from injury?

2017-18 stats (34 games–torn ACL early in 2018-19 season) 

Per game: 21.1 points, 3.4 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 0.6 steals, 34.5 minutes, 3.4 FTA, 9.7 3PA 

Shooting: 39.9/38.2/96.5 FG/3PT/FT%, 41.9 2PT%, 50.3 eFG%, 54.5 TS%, 50.4 3Pr

30.0 USG%, 0.69 AST:TO, 1.9 ORBr, 8.3 DRBr, 16.3 FTr, 8.9 TOr

13. Joyner Holmes (prev: 14)

6’3″ senior, power forward, Texas, tier 3

Needs a team to bet big on potential. Outine of an electric playmaking 4 is there. Capable grab-and-go player. Can blow by anybody. Feel and finishing craft need work. Fliers in this range typically won’t have these tools. Teams just may not have room for more of a project.

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 13.1 points, 8.7 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.5 stocks, 29.3 minutes, 3.3 FTA, 1.1 3PA 

Shooting: 40.9/18.2/62.2 FG/3PT/FT%, 42.9 2PT%, 41.6 eFG%, 44.5 TS%, 7.4 3Pr

27.1 USG%, 0.72 AST:TO, 8.7 ORBr, 21.8 DRBr, 10.7 FTr, 16.3 TOr

14. Te’a Cooper (prev: 10)

5’8″ RS senior, point guard, Baylor, tier 3

Tempting to read too much into this season’s 3-point shooting. Most disruptive defensive presence of the 8-through-10 bunch. Has the burst to get by her own. Tough to rank these three point guards.

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 13.6 points, 2.3 rebounds, 4.6 assists, 1.9 steals, 30.1 minutes, 2.5 FTA, 4.5 3PA 

Shooting: 43.8/41.5/73.0 FG/3PT/FT%, 45.4 2PT%, 52.1 eFG%, 54.5 TS%, 36.1 3Pr

23.0 USG%, 1.93 AST:TO, 1.9 ORBr, 6.0 DRBr, 14.2 FTr, 16.0 TOr

15. Kiah Gillespie

6’2″ RS senior, power forward, Florida State, tier 3

Capable shooter on 2s and 3s. Won’t have as big of a post-up scoring role at the next level. Effective turnaround game; can work quickly if she gets chances to attack switches inside. Will she hold up right away defensively against bigger and quicker 4s?

2019-20 stats (32 games) 

Per game: 15.6 points, 8.7 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 1.1 stocks, 33.8 minutes, 2.9 FTA, 4.5 3PA 

Shooting: 45.1/30.3/70.7 FG/3PT/FT%, 52.6 2PT%, 50.2 eFG%, 52.5 TS%, 30.5 3Pr

24.4 USG%, 0.95 AST:TO, 7.8 ORBr, 20.2 DRBr, 13.0 FTr, 11.2 TOr

16. Jocelyn Willoughby

6’0″ senior, wing, Virginia, tier 3

Potential wing sleeper. Effective scorer at all three levels. Good extension around the basket. Knows how to get fouled. Good feet. Can hold up defensively. Too much to pass up on in this range if the jumper continues to fall at a similar clip.

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 19.2 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 1.3 steals, 35.9 minutes, 6.4 FTA, 3.0 3PA 

Shooting: 45.1/41.6/87.0 FG/3PT/FT%, 46.1 2PT%, 49.6 eFG%, 57.0 TS%, 17.7 3Pr

27.8 USG%, 0.59 AST:TO, 5.4 ORBr, 18.4 DRBr, 22.2 FTr, 16.7 TOr

Note: Some slight movement in tier 3

Willoughby probably should have been on the other side of this marker from the start as the wing in this range I’ve come back to that may be worth a ‘reach’ for a team more focused on that position. We have one final Harris-Dangerfield flip-flop; the South Carolina alum is clearly seen as the better all-around prospect. Don’t read much into Cooper’s movement. These players are viewed in close company. Players at other positions will be highly coveted at that point. Those three guards being selecting with back-to-back-to-back picks would be a big surprise.

17. Tynice Martin (prev: 19)

5’11” RS senior, wing, West Virginia, tier 4

Something to be said for her ability to make tough shots. Did this season’s percentages ‘hurt’ her stock? Similar dip in 3-point shooting to Carter after two solid campaigns. Very reliant on jumpers. Was suspended back in August for an undisclosed violation then reinstated in November after pleading no contest to a battery charge dating back to a July 15 incident.

2019-20 stats (27 games) 

Per game: 14.5 points, 4.3 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.3 steals, 33.5 minutes, 3.2 FTA, 6.3 3PA 

Shooting: 36.6/29.0/86.2 FG/3PT/FT%, 43.1 2PT%, 43.3 eFG%, 48.0 TS%, 41.4 3Pr

23.6 USG%, 0.98 AST:TO, 3.2 ORBr, 9.9 DRBr, 17.6 FTr, 9.5 TOr

18. Leaonna Odom (prev: 20)

6’2″ senior, wing, Duke, tier 4

Smooth athlete. Has the length and leaping ability to make big plays defensively. Wore more of a facilitating hat at times. Good rise on her jumper. Attempted 12 3-pointers in four seasons. Can she stretch her game out to become more of a spot-up threat?

2019-20 stats (28 games) 

Per game: 14.2 points, 6.2 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.9 steals, 32.6 minutes, 2.5 FTA, 0.3 3PA 

Shooting: 54.7/37.5/62.0 FG/3PT/FT%, 55.1 2PT%, 55.1 eFG%, 56.5 TS%, 2.3 3Pr

21.9 USG%, 0.67 AST:TO, 8.4 ORBr, 12.4 DRBr, 8.7 FTr, 16.4 TOr

19. Mikayla Pivec (prev: 17)

5’10” senior, wing, Oregon State, tier 4

Good size and length. Nose for the glass. Growth as a 3-point shooter would unlock the rest of her game against WNBA defenses. Can initiate some actions, attack from the second side. May struggle to contain quicker matchups one-on-one. Needs to play a little meaner as a driver. Has the tools to knife to the rim and earn more trips to the foul line.

2019-20 stats (32 games) 

Per game: 14.8 points, 9.3 rebounds, 4.5 assists, 1.1 steals, 34.0 minutes, 4.2 FTA, 1.9 3PA 

Shooting: 50.1/36.1/72.6 FG/3PT/FT%, 53.1 2PT%, 53.3 eFG%, 57.0 TS%, 14.7 3Pr

23.1 USG%, 1.91 AST:TO, 12.0 ORBr, 17.1 DRBr, 17.7 FTr, 15.4 TOr

20. Kaila Charles (prev: 18)

6’1″ senior, wing, Maryland, tier 4

Will she make enough standstill 3-pointers? Teams got plenty of good tape to watch with Maryland’s willingness to switch. Can really rev it up and blow by defenders. Wasn’t an overpowering finisher. What’s her path to a roster spot?

2019-20 stats (32 games) 

Per game: 14.2 points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 1.6 steals, 28.3 minutes, 3.3 FTA, 0.3 3PA 

Shooting: 50.0/30.0/69.5 FG/3PT/FT%, 50.5 2PT%, 50.4 eFG%, 53.5 TS%, 2.3 3Pr

24.2 USG%, 1.01 AST:TO, 12.8 ORBr, 14.3 DRBr, 11.3 FTr, 14.1 TOr

21. Dee Givens

6’1″ RS senior, wing, Western Kentucky, tier 4

Generated a heap of turnovers picking ball-handlers up around halfcourt. Good feet, long arms. Shot much better from deep as a junior; off-the-bounce 3-pointers didn’t fall in 2019-20. Quick and skilled enough to make the next play when teams run her off the line.

2019-20 stats (29 games) 

Per game: 16.2 points, 5.0 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 2.4 steals, 33.9 minutes, 3.2 FTA, 7.0 3PA 

Shooting: 42.4/29.9/78.3 FG/3PT/FT%, 55.4 2PT%, 50.0 eFG%, 53.5 TS%, 46.5 3Pr

23.3 USG%, 0.79 AST:TO, 5.0 ORBr, 11.9 DRBr, 17.0 FTr, 10.6 TOr

22. Jaylyn Agnew (prev: 26)

5’11” senior, wing, Creighton, tier 5

Another versatile shooter. Quick release. Deep range. Similar question facing a high-volume 3-point shooter: Is she more than a specialist? May struggle making plays running into length inside the arc.

2019-20 stats (26 games) 

Per game: 20.8 points, 6.3 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 1.2 steals, 37.7 minutes, 3.1 FTA, 8.7 3PA 

Shooting: 44.0/37.4/95.0 FG/3PT/FT%, 51.2 2PT%, 53.8 eFG%, 58.0 TS%, 48.6 3Pr

27.9 USG%, 1.73 AST:TO, 3.6 ORBr, 15.9 DRBr, 14.6 FTr, 9.5 TOr

23. Jazmine Jones (prev: 29)

6’0″ senior, wing, Louisville, tier 5

One of the best wing athletes in the class. Keeps people in front. Needs to up the volume as a spot-up threat. Capable playmaker with room to grow as a threat driving to the rim.

2019-20 stats (32 games) 

Per game: 14.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 1.5 steals, 29.5 minutes, 2.9 FTA, 1.4 3PA 

Shooting: 53.9/37.8/76.3 FG/3PT/FT%, 56.4 2PT%, 56.4 eFG%, 59.5 TS%, 11.9 3Pr

23.7 USG%, 1.50 AST:TO, 6.3 ORBr, 12.3 DRBr, 12.9 FTr, 16.0 TOr

24. Kamiah Smalls (prev: NR)

5’10” senior, guard, James Madison, tier 4

Big guard. Really quick end-to-end. Nightmare in transition. Gets downhill in a hurry. Good handle. Jump shot really came along these past two seasons–38 percent on 5.0 and 5.4 3-point attempts per game. Impressive efficiency (58.0, 59.5 true shooting) while carrying a big burden to produce every night (28.8, 30.3 usage).

2019-20 stats (29 games) 

Per game: 18.6 points, 5.3 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 1.4 steals, 30.3 minutes, 4.1 FTA, 5.4 3PA 

Shooting: 47.1/38.0/87.4 FG/3PT/FT%, 53.1 2PT%, 54.7 eFG%, 59.5 TS%, 35.0 3Pr

30.3 USG%, 0.78 AST:TO, 4.8 ORBr, 13.2 DRBr, 18.7 FTr, 19.0 TOr

25. Gia Pack (prev: 22)

5’10” senior, wing, New Mexico State, tier 4

Smooth operator. Puts defenders on skates. Solid 3-point shooter. Can create open looks off the bounce attacking one-on-one. Game can really take off as a bench scorer if in-between game, finishing improve.

2019-20 stats (22 games) 

Per game: 17.6 points, 9.5 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1.6 steals, 34.5 minutes, 3.5 FTA, 5.4 3PA 

Shooting: 39.2/37.3/84.4 FG/3PT/FT%, 40.1 2PT%, 45.4 eFG%, 49.5 TS%, 30.3 3Pr

29.6 USG%, 0.72 AST:TO, 4.9 ORBr, 25.2 DRBr, 12.9 FTr, 15.9 TOr

26. Brittany Brewer (prev: 28)

6’4″ senior, center, Texas Tech, tier 4

Big shot-blocking presence. Taps into her verticality. Follows the ball well. Waits for a shooter to show their hand. Has a lot going on with her shooting form–needs to get cleaned up. Can she make it a few seasons from now as a shot-blocking stretch 5?

2019-20 stats (29 games) 

Per game: 16.6 points, 10.3 rebounds, 0.9 assists, 5.1 stocks, 31.5 minutes, 2.8 FTA, 1.3 3PA 

Shooting: 50.9/24.3/67.5 FG/3PT/FT%, 53.5 2PT%, 51.9 eFG%, 53.5 TS%, 8.2 3Pr

25.5 USG%, 0.38 AST:TO, 12.3 ORBr, 21.1 DRBr, 9.2 FTr, 13.8 TOr

27. Chanelle Molina (prev: 24)

5’9″ senior, point guard, Washington State, tier 4

Game really took off her final two seasons. Good off-the-bounce shooter. Solid defender. Crafty in-between finisher with floaters, step-throughs and hooks. Will teams see a skillset that will continue to shine with better surrounding talent, or will she get dinged for WSU’s 11th-place Pac-12 finish?

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 14.6 points, 6.1 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 1.2 steals, 35.6 minutes, 1.4 FTA, 5.4 3PA 

Shooting: 43.6/36.4/85.7 FG/3PT/FT%, 48.9 2PT%, 51.3 eFG%, 53.5 TS%, 39.3 3Pr

22.8 USG%, 1.74 AST:TO, 4.9 ORBr, 13.6 DRBr, 7.6 FTr, 14.9 TOr

28. Kathleen Doyle (prev: 25)

5’9″ senior, point guard, Iowa, tier 4

Put together a really impressive season getting into the lane–quick and decisive lead guard. Tough to keep out of the paint. Pull-up jumper looked solid at times. How many teams feel the need for a point guard once the projected first rounders are off the board?

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 18.1 points, 4.6 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 1.8 steals, 33.9 minutes, 6.2 FTA, 3.8 3PA 

Shooting: 44.1/32.7/79.0 FG/3PT/FT%, 48.5 2PT%, 48.7 eFG%, 55.0 TS%, 22.9 3Pr

29.3 USG%, 1.64 AST:TO, 3.8 ORBr, 10.5 DRBr, 22.6 FTr, 18.9 TOr

Note: Final stances on tiers 4 and 5

Had to move Jones up. Didn’t feel good about that initial ranking compared to some of her Power 5 (and ACC) peers. Same for Brewer. Can only slide so far without many bigs being mentioned in this range. Similar rationale for Agnew seen above with Laksa–that good of a shooter that attracts a bunch of attention. Smalls was the big riser. Love the total package–especially the speed, the size, the improved shooting as a junior and senior, the handle–more than most in this range to become flier-worthy with the right team.

29. Blair Watson (prev: 27)

6’0″ senior, wing, Maryland, tier 5

Was a vital 3-and-D cog for Maryland as they hit their stride heading into the postseason. Great hands. Active feet. Good anticipation. Very limited offensively. Is she the same level of shooter as some of the other wings in this range?

2019-20 stats (31 games) 

Per game: 7.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.9 steals, 26.9 minutes, 0.3 FTA, 5.5 3PA 

Shooting: 39.3/32.5/60.0 FG/3PT/FT%, 58.3 2PT%, 51.3 eFG%, 51.5 TS%, 72.2 3Pr

14.5 USG%, 1.59 AST:TO, 4.9 ORBr, 12.8 DRBr, 7.7 FTr, 14.9 TOr

30. Kylee Shook (prev: 32)

6’4″ senior, center, Louisville, tier 5

Good length and timing as a shot blocker. Shot it well on limited attempts. Another flier teams can take looking for a stretch big.

2019-20 stats (32 games) 

Per game: 10.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, 1.0 assists, 3.7 stocks, 26.7 minutes, 1.2 FTA, 2.4 3PA 

Shooting: 46.3/36.8/76.3 FG/3PT/FT%, 49.8 2PT%, 51.2 eFG%, 53.5 TS%, 25.2 3Pr

19.5 USG%, 1.00 AST:TO, 8.7 ORBr, 23.8 DRBr, 6.6 FTr, 9.9 TOr

31. Stella Johnson (prev: 23)

5’10” senior, guard, Rider, tier 5

Big-time college scorer. Heady finisher, especially going right. Doesn’t project as a primary on-ball option. Worth a flier if teams are more concerned about the size of some ‘smaller’ point guards.

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 24.8 points, 7.6 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 2.9 steals, 37.1 minutes, 7.1 FTA, 5.2 3PA 

Shooting: 47.0/32.9/80.4 FG/3PT/FT%, 52.5 2PT%, 51.6 eFG%, 56.5 TS%, 23.5 3Pr

34.5 USG%, 0.82 AST:TO, 5.5 ORBr, 15.8 DRBr, 20.6 FTr, 17.3 TOr

32. Kai Moon (prev: NR)

5’6″ senior, point guard, Binghampton, tier 5

Skilled shooter. Great handle; knows how to use it to manipulate the defense. Excellent quickness. Took off as the go-to option as a senior. Deep range. Pairs the shooting and quickness to keep defenders off balance. Good pull-up shooter. Efficiency inside the arc wasn’t there–had to be extremely reliant on the jump shot. Spacing at the next level will present more opportunities to get deep in the lane and make plays.

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 19.6 points, 4.3 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 2.3 steals, 35.4 minutes, 6.4 FTA, 8.0 3PA 

Shooting: 36.5/34.4/81.7 FG/3PT/FT%, 38.6 2PT%, 45.2 eFG%, 51.5 TS%, 42.4 3Pr

28.8 USG%, 1.19 AST:TO, 1.4 ORBr, 11.7 DRBr, 27.8 FTr, 7.6 TOr

33. Juicy Landrum (prev: 30)

5’8″ senior, guard, Baylor, tier 5

Tough defender. Good shooter. Knocks on Baylor’s 3-point volume ignored her performance in her role. Hit tough shots on the move. Good passer in her limited pick and roll chances. Faces steep climb at her size but may impress a team as a more well-rounded player than some 3-point shooters given the chance.

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 10.8 points, 4.6 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 1.0 steals, 30.6 minutes, 1.3 FTA, 4.3 3PA 

Shooting: 46.9/42.3/82.1 FG/3PT/FT%, 51.6 2PT%, 57.7 eFG%, 59.5 TS%, 47.6 3Pr

16.0 USG%, 2.58 AST:TO, 1.8 ORBr, 13.3 DRBr, 13.3 FTr, 13.6 TOr

34. Haley Gorecki (prev: 31)

6’0″ RS senior, guard, Duke, tier 5

Skilled shooter. Good size to see over the defense. Limited handle and finishing. Struggled against aggressive pick and roll coverages. Got to the line quite often which would provide a big boost if it continues.

2019-20 stats (30 games) 

Per game: 18.5 points, 6.6 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 2.1 steals, 36.4 minutes, 6.5 FTA, 5.9 3PA 

Shooting: 39.7/33.7/85.6 FG/3PT/FT%, 44.3 2PT%, 47.0 eFG%, 54.5 TS%, 35.2 3Pr

27.2 USG%, 1.14 AST:TO, 4.1 ORBr, 15.5 DRBr, 28.4 FTr, 18.5 TOr

35. Chante Stonewall (prev: 34)

6’1″ senior, wing, DePaul, tier 5

Good length. Helped DePaul speed teams up and force turnovers. Can be another intriguing wing flier if she can become a mid-30s 3-point shooter.

2019-20 stats (33 games) 

Per game: 17.4 points, 5.6 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 2.2 steals, 33.0 minutes, 3.2 FTA, 3.8 3PA 

Shooting: 44.5/29.9/75.2 FG/3PT/FT%, 49.4 2PT%, 48.2 eFG%, 51.0 TS%, 22.7 3Pr

25.2 USG%, 0.88 AST:TO, 8.6 ORBr, 8.9 DRBr, 11.1 FTr, 11.5 TOr

36. Borislava Hristova (prev: 33)

6’0″ RS senior, wing, Washington State, tier 5

Talented all-around scorer. High skill level. Was reliant on inside scoring playing more as a 4. Won’t get as many of those chances at the next level. Capable 3-point and pull-up shooter. Due for a percentage bump as easier looks come her way. Will struggle to keep people in front and execute help and recover responsibilities.

2019-20 stats (31 games) 

Per game: 18.4 points, 5.1 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 1.0 steals, 34.4 minutes, 3.3 FTA, 2.8 3PA 

Shooting: 45.2/31.0/81.4 FG/3PT/FT%, 48.1 2PT%, 47.8 eFG%, 51.5 TS%, 15.7 3Pr

30.3 USG%, 0.67 AST:TO, 4.0 ORBr, 12.2 DRBr, 9.8 FTr, 13.1 TOr

Note: Closing thoughts

Smalls essentially replaced Johnson. The former looks more suited athletically to turn some heads right away, not to write Johnson off entirely. Moon has also entered the top 36. Would be a really fun player to observe in camp with somebody. She’d be viewed much differently at a bigger school.

Haven’t been enamored with the non-Sabally, non-Laksa international field. Not intending to write any of them off, especially if teams feel there’s some stash potential–liking this class in the late-20s, early-30s more than a few recent drafts plays a part.

Moving out: Shadeen Samuels (prev: 35), Nicki Ekhomu (prev; 36). Toughest omissions: Sug Sutton, Reili Richardson, among others–several Pac-12 players in particular. On top of this being a subjective exercise, I didn’t see enough reason to overload the final tier with a bunch of names from the same league. Plenty beyond this 36 will be considered on draft night.

Mock Draft 3.0

Round 1

1. New York — Sabrina Ionescu, Oregon

The Liberty now have their franchise point guard. New York’s need for a lead guard is that stark. Sabally certainly deserves some consideration, and some may even prefer Carter. The Liberty already have talented scorers on the wing and some interesting pick and roll partners. Everything will start to fall into place as Ionescu finds her footing.

2. Dallas — Satou Sabally, Oregon

Dallas needed more scoring threats around Arike Ogunbowale. They took some important steps in the right direction in free agency. Landing Sabally is a home run. The Wings can run plays for her or leverage her skillset to pull an opposing big away from the basket. Sabally can slide right in at either forward spot as the Wings experiment with different combinations and find the right matchups for her to exploit.

3. Indiana — Chennedy Carter, Texas A&M

Here’s our first fork in the road. An argument for Cox holds plenty of water. The Fever would cement a clear identity. Cox and Teaira McCowan give them plenty of size to barricade the rim. Cox would continue on in a familiar role, dropping in high-low passes and making decisions from the middle of the floor.

What GM Tamika Catchings and head coach Marianne Stanley see in Erica Wheeler and Kelsey Mitchell will help chart their path. (Do they look to flip No. 3 into multiple firsts from Dallas? Would that even be on the table?) Wheeler is set to hit free agency in 2021. Mitchell is entering year three. Carter is a more dynamic one-on-one creator than the former; the latter can break defenses with her shooting but hasn’t found her sea legs yet as a passer.

How high could a Cox-McCowan-centered offense soar? Cox’s jumper would really be tested. She’ll be a productive player for a long time. This selection is more about Carter. She’s going to be special. Players that can break down a defense to create shots are the toughest commodity to come by. Carter checks that box.

4. Atlanta — Bella Alarie, Princeton

Alarie and Cox were together in tier two. We’re betting more on Alarie’s offensive upside over a Cox-Kalani Brown reunion. Atlanta needs a stretch big both to work in concert with Brown and open up the lane for Tiffany Hayes and Courtney Williams. Opinions vary on both forward prospects and what kind of scoring threats they’ll become. Alarie gets the nod here as a better bet to grow into a more perimeter-oriented role.

5. Dallas — Lauren Cox, Baylor 

Dallas still gets the local kid after all. The Wings already invested in Astou Ndour, acquired Katie Lou Samuelson and drafted Sabally at No. 2. The club is now in a much better position to adjust to different matchups, play big or small and put plenty of shooting around their lead guards.

On Nos. 3, 4 and 5…

Mock drafts have moved toward Ionescu and Sabally as consensus top-two selections. The draft really starts here if that holds true. Indiana loves to point to their ‘strong’ close to the 2019 regular season. Know what would have been better? Locking in better lottery odds for this draft! New York had the best odds with a 17-51 two-year record combined to Indiana’s 19-49 mark. The Fever went 3-1 against the Liberty this season and won four of their last six games; New York dropped 14 of its final 16.

Dallas ended up leapfrogging Indiana in the lottery to get up to No. 2. Meanwhile, Atlanta lies in wait at No. 4. Dream head coach Nicki Collen didn’t benefit from any lottery luck, but the value of that pick did shoot up as early entrants Sabally and Carter officially declared. “It’s the right thing to do in our league based on a two-year aggregate,” Collen said. “There’s that moment of disappointment even though that’s where you’re supposed to be…We need two juniors to come out for this to be a really good pick. That happened.”

The Dream would be right to have much loftier immediate expectations than the other three lottery teams. They’ve become Friday’s most interesting team. What is their preferred outcome as they wait for Indiana to make its selection at No. 3? What happens if their first choice isn’t there? Dallas shipped out the No. 9 pick in the Tina Charles trade earlier this week. Would Indiana or Atlanta have any interest in trading down for No. 5 and No. 7?

6. Minnesota — Beatrice Mompremier, Miami

Point guards have landed in Minnesota in most recent mock drafts. Are the Lynx really in such a terrible position at that spot? A strong point guard class is on the way next year. Why not turn the keys over to Lexie Brown and Rachel Banham then look to add another point guard via free agency, a trade or the 2021 draft?

Drawing lines between bigs and smalls is much tougher than usual with this roster. Napheesa Collier and Karima Christmas-Kelly can play serious minutes at the 4. Backup center Temi Fagbenle is still unsigned as a reserved player. Several offseasons with the Lynx coaching staff and practice reps against Sylvia Fowles could do wonders for Mompremier’s development.

7. Dallas —Ty Harris, South Carolina

Harris could slot right in as Moriah Jefferson’s backup. (Tayler Hill and Marina Mabrey may also factor into that 1/2 guard rotation.) The presence of Jefferson and Harris gives Dallas the option to get Ogunbowale off-ball. Thinking the Wings ‘can’t’ keep all four firsts feels a tad strong. The first round could easily break in a way that nets them three or four players to play a role as they work to build a contender in Dallas.

Harris went to Dallas at No. 9 in the previous mock. Teams clearly like her game and expect her to go in this range. Dallas could use another pure point guard on the roster. And following Wednesday’s trade, they no longer have that fourth pick in this first round to worry about.

8. Chicago — Crystal Dangerfield, UConn

Again, ranking the trio of point guards in this third tier was a difficult exercise. Dangerfield’s shooting is a fun fit. That skillset would complement Diamond DeShields as she grows into an even bigger on-ball role. Chicago’s shooting bigs will create more chances for Dangerfield to get downhill and make plays for others.

9. New York (via Dallas) — Ruthy Hebard, Oregon

Does this team really have room for another guard or wing? The Liberty must feel good about the players expected to fall to them at this spot to have flipped Washington’s 2021 pick to Dallas. The idea of Ionsecu and Hebard playing together at the next level has already drummed up a great deal of excitement. Hebard certainly is a different kind of player than the three centers already under contract. New York will have plenty of time to make a decision at that spot; they may have plans for these picks, too.

10. Phoenix — Megan Walker, UConn 

This is a happy outcome for both sides. The Mercury are better suited to keep a guard or wing unless they move or cut one of their bigs already under contract. Sandy Brondello is in a position to focus on what Walker is ready to do right away. Regardless of what happens health-wise with Diana Taurasi in 2020 and beyond, a reliable 3-point shooter will be extremely valuable around Skylar Diggins-Smith and Brittney Griner.

11. Seattle — Kitija Laksa, South Florida/TTT Riga

It’s tough to send a sixth (or seventh) big to the Storm. Mercedes Russell has carved out an important role as the more ‘traditional’ 5 behind Natasha Howard and Breanna Stewart. They just gave Morgan Tuck a big two-year deal. Crystal Langhorne is under contract through 2021. Ezi Magbegor may come over to start her WNBA career.

Seattle may need to move on from Langhorne just to make room for this pick. And with Dallas holding four firsts, would the Storm find a very robust market for this pick? Unlikely. The fully-operational 2020 Storm probably don’t need to fill more guard or wing minutes. Laksa would be a big-time weapon in their offense. Parting ways with an important perimeter piece in order to stay under the cap next offseason isn’t out of the question.

12. New York (via Washington) — Mikiah Herbert Harrigan, South Carolina 

Another clean fit, at least with the Liberty’s roster as of Friday morning in mind. New York has a path to put four or five legitimate 3-point threats on the floor at all times. The added presence of somebody that will go challenge shots around the rim would also be a big help, especially if Kiah Stokes isn’t going to be a big part of the team’s immediate plans.

Round 2

13. New York — Joyner Holmes, Texas 

14. Indiana — Kiah Gillespie, Florida State 

15. New York (via Dallas) — Tynice Martin, West Virginia 

16. Minnesota — Te’a Cooper, Baylor

17. Atlanta — Jocelyn Willoughby, Virginia 

18. Phoenix — Leaonna Odom, Duke 

19. Seattle — Mikayla Pivec, Oregon State

20. Los Angeles — Kaila Charles, Maryland 

21. Dallas — Brittany Brewer, Texas Tech

22. Los Angeles — Jazmine Jones, Louisville 

23. Connecticut — Jaylyn Agnew, Creighton

24. Washington — Kamiah Smalls, James Madison 

Round 3

25. Atlanta — Dee Givens, Western Kentucky 

26. New York — Gia Pack, New Mexico State 

27. Atlanta — Kylee Shook, Louisville 

28. Indiana — Blair Watson, Maryland 

29. Phoenix — Kathleen Doyle, Iowa 

30. Chicago — Stella Johnson, Rider

31. Seattle — Kai Moon, Binghampton 

32. Chicago — Chante Stonewall, DePaul 

33. Las Vegas — Chanelle Molina, Washington State 

34. Los Angeles — Haley Gorecki, Duke 

35. Connecticut — Juicy Landrum, Baylor 

36. Washington — Borislava Hristova, Washington State 

Mock Draft 2.0

Round 1

1. New York — Sabrina Ionescu, Oregon

2. Dallas — Satou Sabally, Oregon 

3. Indiana — Chennedy Carter, Texas A&M 

4. Atlanta — Bella Alarie, Princeton

5. Dallas — Lauren Cox, Baylor

6. Minnesota — Beatrice Mompremier, Miami

7. Dallas — Megan Walker, UConn

8. Chicago — Crystal Dangerfield, UConn

9. Dallas — Tyasha Harris, South Carolina 

10. Phoenix — Jocelyn Willoughby, Virginia 

11. Seattle — Kitija Laksa, South Florida/TTT Riga

12. New York — Joyner Holmes, Texas 

Round 2

13. New York — Mikiah Herbert Harrigan, South Carolina 

14. Indiana — Ruthy Hebard, Oregon  

15. New York (via Dallas) — Mikayla Pivec, Oregon State 

16. Minnesota — Te’a Cooper, Baylor

17. Atlanta — Dee Givens, Western Kentucky 

18. Phoenix — Kiah Gillespie, Florida State 

19. Seattle — Kaila Charles, Maryland 

20. Los Angeles — Leaonna Odom, Duke 

21. Dallas — Stella Johnson, Rider 

22. Los Angeles — Gia Pack, New Mexico State 

23. Connecticut — Tynice Martin, West Virginia

24. Washington — Chanelle Molina, Washington State 

Round 3

25. Atlanta — Jaylyn Agnew, Creighton 

26. New York — Jazmine Jones, Louisville 

27. Atlanta — Borislava Hristova, Washington State 

28. Indiana — Blair Watson, Maryland 

29. Phoenix — Kathleen Doyle, Iowa 

30. Chicago — Brittany Brewer, Texas Tech 

31. Seattle — Juicy Landrum, Baylor 

32. Chicago — Haley Gorecki, Duke 

33. Las Vegas — Kylee Shook, Louisville 

34. Los Angeles — Japreece Dean, UCLA 

35. Connecticut — Chante Stonewall, DePaul 

36. Washington — Reili Richardson, Arizona State 

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