2020-21 LEBRON Data

Read about our Luck-adjusted player Estimate using a Box prior Regularized ON-off (LEBRON) metric by going to our introduction page here.

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This data was updated as of games played before Wednesday, May 19th, 2021. Expect weekly updates, in additional to enhancement updates.

Enhancement/Release Log:

  • 12/26/20: release of 2009-20 data
  • 2/3/21: release of 2020-21 data
  • 2/6/21: enhancement to stabilize smaller samples of box score data by utilizing Offensive Archetypes, increasing in-season accuracy of LEBRON values in reflecting end of season values.

2020-21 data will be updated soon with enhancements to better devalue garbage time utilizing win probability.


Quick Key:

LEBRON measures Total Impact per 100 possessions

O-LEBRON measures Offensive Impact per 100 possessions

D-LEBRON measures Defensive Impact per 100 possessions

Wins Added measures Total Aggregate Impact

Box Prior LEBRON data and luck-adjusted RAPM calculations are also included below. This data should not be used for comparisons and is less accurate than LEBRON data, but can be used to get a sense for if a player’s impact is coming from their box contributions or on/off data. Read more about our box prior here.


2020-21 LEBRON Data